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Achieve meaningful change.

We are committed to providing high-quality behaviour services using

the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) within Northern Ontario.

Our Approach

At NOCS, our approach is natural, data-driven, strength and evidence-based.

We believe in creating dynamic and individualized programs that meet the diverse needs

of our learners. We focus on teaching through creating joy!


Our Services

NOCS provides a variety of services within home, school, and community settings. Our professionals are committed to working with the individual’s support team to identify the successes and barriers to reaching full potential.

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What is ABA?

ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis. It is a scientifically based intervention that uses principles of behaviour to modify and improve behaviour in a variety of areas, including, but not limited to, communication, social skills, self-regulation, and academics. ABA focuses on teaching skills by breaking down goals into teachable steps, providing positive reinforcement for desirable behaviour, and working on generalizing and maintaining skills to various settings, with other people, and novel contexts.

Today's ABA 

At NOCS, we take a person-centred approach that is promoted by Dr. Gregory Hanley, a leader in the field of ABA. Hanley’s approach to providing ABA Therapy is evidence-based and focuses on creating preferred learning contexts to encourage engagement and participation. The overall goal of today’s ABA is to achieve “HRE” with all learners, which stands for “Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged”. Our focus is to learn by listening, creating joy, empowering, and while teaching!

What is Behaviour Therapy?

Behaviour therapy is based on the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). Using evidence-based best practices, we can help people develop skills to succeed in the home, community and school setting.


Our Behaviour Therapy program targets and develops skills in various areas, including:

  • communication and conversational skills,

  • pre-academic and academic skills,

  • activities of daily living (e.g., toileting, feeding, sleeping),

  • gross and fine motor skills, imitation skills, play skills, and visual perceptual skills.


Areas of support may also include an assessment of problem behaviours (e.g., behaviours that interfere with learning or impact an individual’s health) and developing a behaviour support plan focused on reducing/replacing challenging behaviour.

OAP & Jordan's Principle Approved Provider


NOCS meets all requirements of the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS), and the Access Ontario Autism Program (OAP).


Join our team.

If you want to join a dynamic and innovative team NOCS is the place for you! 

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